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National Academy of Public Administration Issues Report for CRS,  Evaluating Science and Technology Policy Resources for U.S. Congress Report Recommends Enhancing Existing Entities and Creating ...

Post Date: November 13, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) today released its Panel report for the Congressional Research Service (CRS) that evaluates the current Legislative branch resources available to Congress that focus and advise on science and technology developments and policy.

“Members and staff of the U.S. Congress need access to the best scientific and technological expertise as they make policy, conduct oversight, and interact with constituents,” said Terry Gerton, President and CEO of the Academy. “In addition, they need to understand how developments in science and technology create social changes that require a public policy response. The Panel’s expert evaluation and recommendations should help to guide efforts to enhance the quality and availability of science and technology support available to Congress.”