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National Academy of Public Administration Releases Statement on its Commitment to Eliminating Racism in Government

Post Date: July 14, 2020

“We stand resolved to help eliminate systemic racism, unconscious bias, and every form of discrimination in the development, implementation, and evaluation of policy in the United States.” WASHINGTON, D.C. – National Academy of Public Administration today released a statement from its Standing Panel on Social Equity in Governance, highlighting its strong commitment to social equity. “The Academy’s offices overlook the recently renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza – a bold statement of equality that underscores the urgency of eliminating racism in government and reminds us of the Academy’s commitment to that effort,” said Jeff Neal, Chairman of the Academy Board of Directors and Gary Glickman, Chairman of the Academy Standing Panel on Social Equity in Governance. “Our Congressional Charter includes the taskings to examine critical issues in governance, formulate practical approaches to their resolution, and assess the effectiveness of government programs. It also requires us to demonstrate by the conduct of our affairs a commitment to the highest professional standards of ethics and scholarship. We are proud to stand up for equality and strive to make a difference in this ongoing struggle.”