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Climate Adaptation Governance Project: Shanghai Forum Roundtable

March 07, 2024

The initial findings of the Academy co-sponsored Australia/China/U.S. climate adaptation project, and project next steps, were the focus of a Roundtable at the fall 2023 annual Shanghai Forum. The project, co-sponsored with Fudan University/London School of Economics Institute for Global Public Policy was created to develop a framework for comparative learning among countries and localities as they try to develop governance approaches to climate change impacts, such as floods, fires, heat, and drought.

The Roundtable began with Project introduction and initial findings, with talks by Academy International Panel Co-Chair Dan Guttman, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Zhao Xiaofan and Monash University Professor Franz Wohlgezogen.

The Roundtable turned to project next steps: comparative case study focus on the challenge of wildfires, water, and the tool of risk analysis. Presenters included Academy Fellows Felicia Marcus and Louise Comfort (on water and wildfire); Debra Knopman (risk analysis, drawing on experience as senior US science policy official and Vice President of the Rand Corporation for Environment); Melbourne and Monash University Professors Michael Spencer (water) and Janet Stanley (fire); Fudan Professor Xu Tang (drawing on experience with the World Meteorological Organization, and as director of a global science Hub on climate risk), Zhenzhen Xu (drawing on experience as China director of the Alliance for Water Stewardship). Concluding reflections were provided by Oran Young (founding figure in global environmental governance study), Professor Qi Ye (a leading China climate policy expert, now at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Gao Xiang (National Center for Climate Strategy and International Cooperation, China Ministry of Ecology and Environment). Other Roundtable project participants included Academy Fellows Willene Johnson and Laurel McFarland and Elizabeth Losos of the Duke Nicholas Institute.

The project initial report will be released (and posted) shortly.

Academy Fellows interested in learning more/engaging with, the project as it proceeds are welcome to contact Dan Guttman.

The Roundtable videos are available below.

Click to View the Agenda Slides