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Standing Panel on the Public Service Meeting: Additional Advice to the Biden Administration

January 07, 2021

FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2021 AT 10:00AM - 11:30AM

Reinvigorating the Public Service is an essential and pressing challenge for the incoming Biden Administration. Specifically, rebuilding the public’s trust in government and in the public service, and strengthening and re-engaging the federal workforce, will be necessary to address a multitude of major problems facing the country. The American public expects and needs a government capable of competently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, social unrest, racial and economic inequities, and the need to rebuild U.S. relationships around the world, to name a few. A highly skilled, dedicated, and engaged public workforce is key to the ability of the Biden Administration to succeed.

In November, the Standing Panel on the Public Service offered initial advice to the incoming Biden Administration, including discussion of NAPA’s Election 2020 project. Borrowing the template offered by the Standing Panel on Organization and Executive Management, the Standing Panel on the Public Service is convening a special meeting on January 15, 2021 to focus on rebuilding the public workforce and improving its management. With your input and based on your experiences working in or with previous Administrations, the Standing Panel will compile both strategic and tactical advice on what should be done to address current and long-standing issues with the public workforce.

Don Kettl will moderate this important discussion, and invites you to consider the following questions:

  • This is the most hectic transition in recent times. If you had just 30 seconds with President Biden, what are the three things about the public service you’d recommend to him?
  • What about the broader view: What game plan for the public service should the Biden team have for its first 6 months in office?
  • What have you learned about how to make workforce initiatives succeed?
  • What have you learned about what will not work—and should be avoided?

** This session will be closed to media and not for attribution. **

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