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Justice, Fairness, Inclusion, and Performance.

Strategic Foresight

January 28, 2016

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Perspective in planning is crucial to its success. The scope and time frame used to establish baselines affect the entire practice of developing actionable efforts to respond to crises and undertake concerted actions to implement programs. While the Panel described above will be tasked with determining if the federal government is “doing things right” when it comes to program implementation, this Panel will examine whether we are “doing the right things”.

Critics suggest that we are neglecting to undertake disciplined analysis of the potential effects of multiple scenarios, failing to create networked solutions to complex problems and ignoring the evidence of feedback loops to further guide changes in approaches. This points up the need to actively bring Strategic Foresight into the planning process of all agencies.

This Panel will examine efforts in Strategic Foresight that have been effective within the federal government and in other sectors to determine what principles and policies might be adopted by a new Administration.