Social Equity in Governance

Panel Chair: Blue Wooldridge

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The Standing Panel on Social Equity in Governance focuses on issues of fairness, justice, and equity in a variety of public contexts, including, but not limited to: education, policing, welfare, housing, and transportation.

Early in its development this Standing Panel developed the following definition of social equity: “The fair, just and equitable management of all institutions serving the public directly or by contract; the fair, just and equitable distribution of public services and implementation of public policy; and the commitment to promote fairness, justice, and equity in the formation of public policy.” This Panel addresses multiple facets of social equity in governance, serving to advance research and create a resource for researchers, students, scholars, and public administrators.

Additional information about this Standing Panel includes:

From time to time, the Panel members invite non-Fellows to join as associate members. These individuals are invited to provide specific expertise to the Panel. If you feel that your background allows you to make a unique and significant contribution to this Panel's work contact Lisa Trahan at (202)-204-3648.

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