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Federal Aviation Administration Labor and Employee Relations (In Progress)



The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the largest transportation agency of the U.S. government and regulates all aspects of civilian aviation in the country. The FAA has a large union presence with eight unions currently representing approximately 79% of its entire workforce.

The Office of Human Resource Management, Labor and Employee Relations Directorate (AHL) manages the relationships between the FAA and its unions and collaborates with managers on employee performance and disciplinary matters, supported by 132 employees and a budget of $23.2 million.


The Academy’s overall objective for this study is to support and advance the FAA AHR’s ongoing efforts toward maintaining productive labor-management relations and optimal service delivery with all stakeholders. In conducting the assessment, the Academy will: (1) develop an understanding of the current state of the FAA's labor and employee relation functions; (2) identify successes and challenges and analyze root causes; and (3) outline actionable recommendations that define future success for the FAA's management of labor and employee relations.

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Project Overview


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