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Missile Defense Study (In Progress)



The Department of Defense (DoD) has contracted with the Academy for an independent study of the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Defense components related to missile defense. Pursuant to the FY2022 NDAA Section 1675, the Secretary and the Academy shall enter into an agreement by which the Academy shall carry out a study regarding the roles and responsibilities of the various components of the Department of Defense as they pertain to Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD).


The study shall include:

  • A comprehensive assessment and analysis of existing Department component roles and responsibilities for the full range of IAMD activities, including the establishment of requirements, research and development, system acquisition, and operations and sustainment.
  • Identification of gaps in component capability of each applicability component for performing its assigned IAMD roles and responsibilities.
  • Identification of opportunities for deconflicting mission sets, eliminating areas of unnecessary duplication, reducing waste, and improving efficiency across the full range of IAMD activities.
  • Development of a timetable for the implementation of the opportunities identified above.
  • Development of recommendations for such legislative or administrative action as the Academy considers appropriate pursuant to developing analysis of the above.

The Academy will assemble a five-member Panel of Academy Fellows to oversee and guide this study.

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Project Overview


If you have any questions or comments regarding the study, please contact, Brenna Isman, Director of Academy Studies (

Study Fellows