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Daniel Guttman


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Dan Guttman is a teacher and lawyer and has been a public servant. Public Service: He served as Executive Director of a Presidential bioethics advisory Commission, was Presidentially appointed Commissioner of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, directed, as special counsel, Senate investigations of US government management, and was UNDP and EU “foreign expert advisor” on China environmental law development. Universities: He is Professor, Tianjin University Law school, adjunct professor, Fudan University/London School of Economics Institute for Global Public Policy, fellow New York University US-Asia Law Institute. Following 2004-6 years as China Fulbright scholar, he taught and worked with China, US and global colleagues developing comparative governance courses, texts, research projects at Peking, Tsinghua, Nanjing, and Shanghai Jiao Tong Universities. In the US he taught for many years at Johns Hopkins, and been Fellow at Hopkins, Emory and the University of California Santa Barbara. Private Law Practice: He was partner in a firm representing cities, states, citizens, workers in energy, environment, antimonopoly, human/civil rights litigation. He is of counsel to Guttman, Buschner and Brooks, whose lawyers have represented whistleblowers in litigation recovering billions for government from fraud by energy and health care companies, and military contractors. Further: He co-authored The Shadow Government, a seminal study of the “contracting out” of the U.S. government, and author/coauthor of many further books and articles (most recently, Nonstate Actors in China and Global Environmental Governance). He shared in journalism awards, most recently for investigation of $900 billion in Pentagon contracting, testified many times before Congress and other public bodies, and was graduated from Yale Law School and the University of Rochester.

History of Employment

Johns Hopkins University Center for Study of American Government
Visiting Professor
Peking University School of Law
University of California Santa Barbara Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Program on Governance for Sustainable Development
Visiting Senior Fellow
Tsinghua University US/China Center
Washington, DC
U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Executive Director
Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments
Special Counsel to Senator David Pryor
Subcommittee on Federal Services
U.S .Senate
Foreign Expert
UNDP China environment program
Tianjin University law school
Of counsel
Guttman, Buschner & Brooks
Adjunct Professor
Fudan U/London School of Economics Institute for Global Public Policy
Visiting Professor
Nanjing University
Primary Sector of Expertise


Management Matters Podcast

Grand Challenge: Advance National Interests in a Changing Global Context

Working with China and Other Global Partners with Dan Guttman

Season: 1 Episode:86 | December 27, 2021

Show Notes:

On this episode, we welcome Dan Guttman, an Academy Fellow and Academician, and a former public administrator with multiple senior-level posts in the federal government, to discuss working between countries' political and administrative systems and his new project which focuses on increasing community resilience through global collaboration.