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Election-Related Events

Election Workforce Event: Poll Workers - The Backbone of Free, Fair, and Secure Elections

May 9, 2024 at 1 PM ET

The fair, secure, and nonpartisan administration of elections is essential for fostering trust in election outcomes. But who are the people we rely on to correctly perform this complicated job, what are their responsibilities, and why are they essential?

Each election has national implications but is a hyperlocal activity that community members support. This webinar will examine the responsibilities of local poll workers and the growing number of challenges they face on the job.

A Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships Webinar: Election Administration and Equitable Voting Access

On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 2 PM ET, the Academy's Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships and Wayne State University Law School’s Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy hosted a webinar on the intergovernmental oversight of election administration and equitable voting access.


How Fellows Can Uphold and Protect Electoral Integrity in the 2022 Election

Recent months have revealed a significant increase in threats to the election workforce. These threats negatively impact the ability to recruit and retain needed staff and may undermine voter confidence in the outcome of the 2022 and later elections. This presentation by Academy Fellows is designed primarily to inform NAPA Fellows of this emerging issue and to suggest ways that, as individuals, they might support the election workforce and increase public understanding of the ways that workforce strives to ensure the integrity of the vote.


Election Workforce Event: Who are the Election Workers and Why Should We Care?

Elections occur continuously in the US, and local election workers are the bedrock of making these elections “work.” Yet, most of us know very little about who these essential local employees are and the complexity and challenges of their jobs. We have seen that when voters lose trust in these workers and their ability to execute elections fairly and in a nonpartisan manner, they lose confidence in the election results.

On February 27th, 2024, the Academy's Elections Working Group hosted a webinar that examined the professional election workforce, sharing what these "invisible" workers do and why they deserve our respect and support.


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