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Collaborative Forum Final Report

The Collaborative Forum: The Office of Management and Budget's Partnership Fund for Program Integrity and Innovation

The National Academy of Public Administration served as program administrator for the Collaborative Forum, the engagement mechanism for the Office of Management and Budget’s Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation.

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Key Findings

The Academy team, with support and participation of Academy Fellows, brought together key public and private sector stakeholders to identify and explore best practices that improve program integrity, reduce barriers to program access, and provide new and innovative ways to improve performance.


Throughout the lifecycle of the Forum, key findings emerged from the diverse stakeholder engagements that were held. Several key themes of the work and discussions included an increased emphasis on evidence and outcomes, which includes outcome-based budgeting, contracting and evaluation; recognition that technology is a crucial enabler of improved program performance, learning from early successes such as enterprise data warehouses; and the criticality of harnessing innovation to bolster quality service delivery, such as STAT initiatives that hinge upon increased leadership accountability. Participants of the Forum have taken these lessons and built on early promising practices to improve the stewardship federal dollars and to continue to “do better with less.”

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