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Jerry Mechling

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AI Technologies and Public Education with Jerry Mechling, Theresa Pardo, Alan Shark, and Brenda Bannan

Season: 1 Episode:193 | January 01, 2024

Show Notes:

In this episode of Management Matters we host part 8 of the Academy-GovExec TV series on Artificial Intelligence featuring Academy Fellows, Jerry Mechling, Theresa Pardo, and Alan Shark, as well as Brenda Bannan, moderated by GovExec's George Jackson.

Imagine the controversy some 40 years ago among engineering school faculty who expressed concern that the standard hand-held slide rule might be replaced by sophisticated hand-held calculators. In some schools and colleges, they were banned for use during exams or major university entrance tests. Today, we see similar discussions and debates with the advent of generative AI (GAI) and, in particular, the popular ChatGPT. And given the allure and capabilities of GAI, the issues are much more difficult, and the consequences are potentially far more serious. .

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