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Jane Lute

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American Leadership Through Engagement with Jane Lute

Season: 1 Episode:35 | January 04, 2021

Show Notes:

In this episode, we welcome Jane Lute, CEO of SICPA North America, former Deputy Secretary of DHS and Academy Fellow, to discuss the value of American engagement in global affairs, how the U.S. can work with other governments and NGOs to advance its national interests, and today's international cybersecurity threat environment.

With Jane Lute, CEO of SICPA North America, former Deputy Secretary of DHS, and Academy Fellow

Topics Include:

  • The value of U.S. engagement in the international community
  • International politics at the local political level
  • Key roles for the U.S. today
  • The relationship between the U.S. government and international institutions and NGOs
  • The role of philanthropy in international relations
  • How the pandemic has spurred more dialogue between government entities
  • The role of cybersecurity in international relations and advice to improve cybersecurity
  • International challenges facing the Biden Administration

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