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Courtney Phillips

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COVID-19, Social Equity Considerations and Re-opening in Louisiana with Dr. Courtney Phillips

Season: 1 Episode:4 | June 15, 2020

Show Notes:

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Courtney Phillips, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Academy Fellow, to discuss COVID-19 social equity considerations and the Re-opening of Louisiana.

With guest Dr. Courtney Phillips, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and an Academy Fellow

Topics Include:

  • Obligations of states, as compared to the federal or local governments, regarding health care for their residents
  • Observations and experiences to the different ways that states approach the responsibilities of Medicaid, public health, social services to promote wellness, etc., how to prioritize challenges in these areas, and the difference between Dr. Phillips’ approach in Texas and her approach in Louisiana
  • How Louisiana is addressing and controlling the pandemic including how they are coordinating federal, state, and local efforts
  • Social equity considerations when managing COVID-19 and when setting a public health agenda for programs, investments, and other services.
  • Dr. Phillips’ advice to her governor and to the communities of Louisiana on re-opening after COVID-19 including on civil liberties, testing, and contact tracing, triggers for social distancing measures, and investment in health infrastructure

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