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Lee Feldman

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COVID-19, Social Equity Considerations & Re-opening at the Local Level with Lee Feldman

Season: 1 Episode:6 | June 22, 2020

Show Notes:

In this episode, we welcome Lee Feldman, City Manager of Gainesville, Florida, and Academy Fellow, to discuss COVID-19 social equity considerations and re-opening from the local perspective.

With guest Lee Feldman, City Manager of Gainesville, Florida and an Academy Fellow

Topics Include:

  • Unique governance challenges and opportunities for city governments.
  • Identifying priorities for a 100-day plan. How the Gainesville government has adapted this plan to COVID-19?
  • How Gainesville plans to reopen its community including addressing medical statistics, contact tracing and testing, guidance to businesses, public transit, and differentiating state and federal guidance
  • How Gainesville is addressing poverty and other equity considerations both in their COVID response and more generally
  • The current state of Gainesville and its plan for the next 100 days

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