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Teresa Gerton

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Tim Storey

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Cross-Podcast: The Inside Storey with Tim Storey and Terry Gerton

Season: 1 Episode:136 | November 21, 2022

Show Notes:

This is a NCSL Hosted Episode
Host Tim Storey, CEO of NCSL and Academy Fellow, sits down with Terry Gerton, president and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), to discuss the critical role of those who work in government service.

Gerton explains the important role expert public administrators play in roles such as handling federal grants and ensuring the money is spent responsibly. She also discussed the formation of NAPA, and why Congress gave it a charter to gather the best information and practices for managing the work of government. Gerton and Storey also discussed the challenge of attracting young people to public service and the path that took her from West Point to her current role.

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