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Michael Van Milligen

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Fiscal Tools in Dubuque with Mike Van Milligen

Season: 1 Episode:24 | September 28, 2020

Show Notes:

In this episode, we welcome Mike Van Milligen, City Manager of Dubuque, Iowa, and Academy Fellow, to discuss how Dubuque is dealing with the pandemic fiscally, how this year will impact future budgets, and how congressional funding has impacted Dubuque.

With Mike Van Milligen, City Manager of Dubuque, Iowa

Topics Include:

  • How Dubuque is reacting to the pandemic and to social equity concerns
  • Post-great recession infrastructure projects, debt-reduction strategies, and the BALANCING Act tool
  • Major revenue sources and expenses for Dubuque and ways to bring them into balance
  • Shifting expenses during the pandemic
  • This year's effects on future budgets
  • Effects of Congressional provisions on Dubuque's budget
  • Tools in building and communicating Dubuque's budget
  • Advice for fellow city managers

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