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Douglas Robinson

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Harnessing AI for State Governance with Doug Robinson

Season: 1 Episode:31 | November 23, 2020

Show Notes:

In this episode, we welcome Doug Robinson, Executive Director for National Association of State Chief Information Officers and Academy Fellow, to discuss the roles and responsibilities of different chief officers in technology, the acceleration of AI tools as a result of the pandemic, and the challenges state face when deploying tools that use AI.

With Doug Robinson, Executive Director of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers and Academy Fellow

Topics Include:

  • The roles and responsibilities among different Chief Officers in technology
  • Where and how states will deploy AI tools
  • Using AI tools across different functional areas of government
  • Challenges states face in the deployment of AI tools
  • Combating systemic inequities in AI and the role of AI in law enforcement
  • Governing AI at the state level as a CIO

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