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Robin Kramer

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How Philanthropies Connect Individuals to Meaningful Work with Robin Kramer

Season: 1 Episode:41 | February 15, 2021

Show Notes:

In this episode, we welcome Robin Kramer, Managing Director at the Smidt Foundation and Academy Fellow, to discuss her experiences as Chief of Staff to the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, the role of philanthropy in making government work, and moving beyond connecting people to a job to connecting them with meaningful work.

Topics Include:

  • Robin's role as chief of staff to two Mayors of the City of Los Angeles
  • Promoting innovation and invention through public policy programs
  • The role of philanthropy in making government work; the challenges and opportunities
  • The specific challenges associated with getting people back to work
  • Progressing from connecting individuals to jobs to connecting individuals to meaningful work
  • The process of the Tools for Schools program
  • Recommended policies for the future.

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